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Lesbian four gang
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prostitutes and Muggers – Sunny Beach Forum.
I have been told there is a big problem with prostitutes in Sunny Beach, even if you are with your partner, and they also try to mug you at the same time, I am going in August with my husband, will we need to avoid any areas.
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Well i have never been before, but from what i have heard, yes there is a few prostitutes but, people only get mugged if they are stupid. It's the same everywhere just don't go around flashing bling or what not. and DON'T (well your married so I doubt it) just don't go to the beach with one of these prostitutes its where they work, they take people's money after taking them to a secluded spot. Just don't worry there are a few people who go every summer on here and they ave said numerous times, they have never been bothered by prostitutes. Just they always said dont be stupid 😉
We've never had a problem Julien, and Ive been going to Sunny Beach, twice a year for over 12years!
The 'girls' do hang out on Flower Street, near the Kuban Hotel and MacDonalds in the evenings. If you hadnt heard the stories you probably would not be aware of them. I have sat many times upstairs in the Corner Bar, people watching and they tend to target the young single males.
Just be sensible as you would anywhere else in the world. Be careful on any crowded buses, the pickpockets to tend to operate there. Just go and enjoy yourselves.
Have to agree with WL. We have been going for a number of years and have never been troubled with prostitutes. ( must be too ugly ) Pickpockets do operate in resorts all over the world so just stick to some golden rules.
1. Only carry what you need for the occasion you're going for.
2. Leave passports, valuables in the safe at hotel.
3. On the public buses going to Nessebar keep tight a hold of your bag and don't get too friendly with little old ladies with big smiles.
I hardly think you'll be going down on the beach late at night/early morning so just go and people watch at the Corner Bar and have a laugh at the daft young uns.
Thank you all for replys, I feel better now. Although hubby might be upset if he doesnt get propersitioned. I dont have a problem them being there as long as they keep to themselves.I love people watching so will look forward to that.
Will it be best to keep jewelery to a minimum, not that i have loads but would not like to be open to temptation?
Totally agree with WL and Toonman.
I have visited Bulgaria many times over a period of 20 years. Mainly visited Golden Sands but have visited Sunny Beach too. I have never at anytime felt threatened or unsafe. Please dont believe everything you hear. Yes.
there are prostitures in Sunny Beach but we honestly hardly ever noticed. I would say that it was far more obvious along Party Street in Golden Sands.
No matter where you visit tourists are always targeted but Sunny Beach is no worse than anywhere else. As the others say just take care and be sensible.
I am sure you well have a great time during your holiday there.
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I returned from sunny beach on saturday morning and can honestly say I never noticed any prositutes. I probably may have but wasnt aware of them.
Just keep your wits about you as you would at home :D.
Have a lovely holiday!
Thank you all for your reassurance, I am really looking forward to my holiday now.
Sunny Beach, the Cancun of Bulgaria.
Bulgaria’s most popular tourist destination for foreigners is without a doubt Sunny Beach. Located on the Black Sea an hour from Burgas, it’s a hell of a place. Take one part underworld circus, one part Disney World and one part Cancun, garnish with tons of super hot Bulgarian party chicks, stir, and serve. In small doses if you know what you’re doing you can really have a blast but if you show up unprepared you will not have a successful trip and run the risk of disaster. The place is over-run with DAFFs, crooked taxi drivers, drunk rich German kids celebrating their high school graduations, mafia douchebags and lots of other undesirables looking to rip you off any way they can.
Sunny Beach has a lot in common with Cancun. It attracts the worst of the West and the worst of the Bulgarians. Many Bulgarians hate Sunny Beach and refuse to go there, however it’s home to some of the best beach clubs and the best all night house parties in the country (namely Cacao Beach and Bedroom Beach) so you may want to try your luck for a weekend there. Unfortunately, a lot of other Western tourists have the same idea and you will encounter much more competition than typical in Bulgaria and much more hardened, anti-foreigner chicks than in the rest of the country. It’s doable but to succeed in Sunny Beach the single dude traveler will need a higher skill level and bigger budget than almost anywhere else in Bulgaria.
Basically, if you’re going to go to Sunny Beach you really better be on your A game and have your bullshit detectors set to maximum sensitivity. Lots of people will try to rip you off. Never ever take a taxi, period. That kind of sucks because that means you have to stay close enough to the center to walk everywhere. There aren’t really any other options but trust me the taxi drivers all want to rip you off . Most of the hotels are way more expensive than anywhere else in Bulgaria and you could easily be charged more just because you’re foreign. You will need to hunt for a good one or book in advance, try not to pay more than 20 – 40 BGN. There is a hotel right behind Cacao Beach that charges 20 BGN but the hotels on either side of it (virtually attached) cost 100 BGN. Be on the lookout for shit like this. Restaurants commonly have menus in different languages… how nice of them, right? Wrong, the menus in foreign languages often have higher prices. Learn to read Cyrillic (we’ll cover it in detail in a future article)! Even better is if you have a local or at least a Bulgarian with you. Sunny Beach would be a good place to go with some Bulgarian chick you picked up somewhere else in the country that can watch your back and speak the local language. I can’t stress how much of a tourist trap this place is.

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